The Flint River at the
County Line Road Site

County Line Road
Mitigation Site in Spring

Swale Construction
County Line Road
Under Construction

Town CreeK
Stream Construction

Town Creek Construction
Town Creek Site
Under Construction

Restoration Field
County Line Road
After Construction



Mitigation Project Experience

Flint River ( County Line Road) Mitigation Site, Fayette County, Georgia (86 acres) Grading completed in 2002 Wetland Restoration, Enhancement and Preservation and Stream Preservation

Flower PhotoThe Flint River mitigation site is located in the Flint River floodplain approximately 4.0 miles east of Fayetteville, Georgia. The restoration practices implemented to transform the large, cleared, ditched pasture into a maturing forested wetland included filling ditches, excavating several shallow ponds and replanting the area with native wetland vegetation. An old road bed was removed in a forested portion of the site along the Flint River to allow for increased connection of overbank flows. The site is located within a high growth area and the upland area is slated for a residential subdivision. Ecological Solutions, Inc. provided the design, banking instrument, monitoring and maintainence for the County Line Road site of the Flint River Mitigation Bank.


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