The Flint River at the
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County Line Road
Mitigation Site in Spring

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Town CreeK
Stream Construction

Town Creek Construction
Town Creek Site
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Restoration Field
County Line Road
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Mitigation Project Experience

Town Creek Mitigation Site, Macon County, Georgia (700 acres) Grading wetland enhancement and preservation, stream restoration, riparian restoration and preservation, and upland buffer/inclusion preservation
Completed in December 2006 Town Creek


Prior to restoration activities the Flint River (Town Creek) Site, located approximately 5.0 miles northwest of Montezuma Georgia in the Flint River floodplain, was composed primarily of immature forest with portions of mature bottomland hardwood forest.  Mitigation activities included grading portions of a logging road that bisected the wetland area to allow for increased connection of wetland flows and replanting clear-cut areas with native oaks and gums.  Approximately 1.4 miles of relict stream channel was restored to its historic flow path and stabilized after construction using vegetation and fabric. The constructed stream channel was designed using Rosgen-based principles to maintain stable stream geometry. The Town Creek Site was designed and is currently being monitored and maintained by Ecological Solutions Inc.

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