The Flint River at the
County Line Road Site

County Line Road
Mitigation Site in Spring

Swale Construction
County Line Road
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Town CreeK
Stream Construction

Town Creek Construction
Town Creek Site
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Restoration Field
County Line Road
After Construction



Mitigation Project Experience

Whitewater Creek Mitigation Site, Fayette County, Georgia (53.4 acres)
The mitigation area represents wetland restoration, enhancement and preservation along with stream restoration and preservation.
Completed in June 2007


The Whitewater Creek mitigation site is part of the Flint River Mitigation Bank and totals approximately 53.4 acres and is located in Fayette County, Georgia.     Construction work included filling old agricultural ditches used to drain the area and removing a berm that previously served to keep water from entering the floodplain.   Approximately 2,000 linear feet of Priority 1 stream restoration was constructed to reroute and meander a stream with a natural channel design through the floodplain.  Previously the stream was confined to a straightened ditch that was unable to overflow it’s banks.


In need of Wetland or Stream Mitigation,
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Thretened Mussel Found at Town Creek Site

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