The Flint River at the
County Line Road Site

County Line Road
Mitigation Site in Spring

Swale Construction
County Line Road
Under Construction

Town CreeK
Stream Construction

Town Creek Construction
Town Creek Site
Under Construction

Restoration Field
County Line Road
After Construction



We have a long tradition of providing quality service to wetland and stream mitigation projects in the State of Georgia.  Starting with the Reeves Creek wetland mitigation job in 1994, we have gone on to construct 13 mitigation sites in 13 years.  Many of these projects started out as ditched and drained wetland areas and channelized and clearcut stream channels and are now restored ecosystems that support a variety of wildlife, flood storage and water quality measures.  These projects total over 1200 acres of restored, enhanced and preserved wetland and stream mitigation sites.  In 2002, We began construction on the Flint River Mitigation Bank which is located in the Upper Flint River watershed and serves the majority of the southside of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Flint River Mitigation Bank (FRMB) is a private, for profit, compensatory umbrella wetland and stream mitigation bank located in the State of Georgia and authorized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE permit number 200501427). The FRMB is comprised of three mitigation sites that total approximately 840 acres in Fayette, Clayton and Spalding Counties. The FRMB provides stream and wetland mitigation credits used to offset jurisdictional impacts associated with USACE 404 permit authorizations, individual and nationwide permits, and enforcement actions for a selected service area.

The FRMB is currently operational and approved to sell wetland and stream mitigation credits for projects in the Upper Flint River (primary service area) and Lower Chattahoochee River basins (secondary service area).


The FRMB is authorized under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act to allow applicants with a nationwide, regional, or individual permit (on a case-by-case basis) to purchase credits from the bank.


Purchasing wetland and stream mitigation credits from an approved bank has several advantages including:


  • Significant cost savings by avoiding lengthy monitoring and construction cost
  • Quick turnaround to satisfy the mitigation obligation of your permit

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Camp Creek Mussels

Thretened Mussel Found at Town Creek Site

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