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The Flint River at the
County Line Road Site

County Line Road
Mitigation Site in Spring

Swale Construction
County Line Road
Under Construction

Town CreeK
Stream Construction

Town Creek Construction
Town Creek Site
Under Construction

Restoration Field
County Line Road
After Construction



Proposed Lower Flint Mitigation Bank, Dooly County, Georgia (127 acres)

The proposed Lower Flint Mitigation Bank contains multiple catfish ponds, which were constructed on streams throughout the site. These ponds are surrounded by actively managed pasture and agricultural fields and the streams connecting these ponds consist of straightened, overwidened channels. As a result of the associated impoundments, the natural flow regime and periodic flooding in these stream channels has been dramatically altered. Signs of stagnation are evident in and along these channels as well as the presence of localized aggradation. Approximately 12,000 feet of stream are proposed for restoration. The restoration of these waters would include reestablishing a natural stream and floodplain within the stream channels currently impounded and converting the channels that connect these impoundments into stable stream channels. Approximately 11,000 feet of riparian buffer are proposed for restoration consisting of planting native tree species.

Based on preliminary calculations of mitigation credits, the proposed Lower Flint Mitigation Bank has the potential to generate a total of 178,300 stream credits. These credits are proposed to be sold to Section 404 permit applicants who are required to compensate for stream impacts occurring within the Lower Flint service area. Please note that the potential credit generation is only an estimate; therefore, the actual number of credits generated by the proposed bank is likely to change.


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