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Proposed Hard Labor Creek Mitigation Bank, Morgan County, Georgia (134 acres)

The Hard Labor Creek Mitigation Bank proposes to generate stream mitigation credits by restoring and preserving streams and adjacent riparian buffers. Approximately 16,000 feet of stream, which has been severely impacted by past channelization, levee construction, and cattle farming operations, are proposed for restoration. Upon approval, stream restoration would include the removal of a man-made levee, removal of two onsite farm ponds and conversion of degraded stream reaches into channels that contain stable dimensions, patterns and profiles. Approximately 14,500 feet of riparian buffer are proposed for restoration or preservation. The vegetation within adjacent buffers is restricted to various pasture grasses. The limited area that is comprised of mature trees has been grazed by cattle, causing erosion along stream banks and within the buffers. Proposed riparian activities include planting stream buffers with native tree species and preserving the forested portions of the buffer.

Based on preliminary calculations of mitigation credits, the proposed Hard Labor Creek Mitigation Bank has the potential to generate a total of 213,300 stream credits, which will be sold to Section 404 permit applicants that are required to compensate for stream impacts occurring within the Upper Oconee service area. Please note that the potential credit generation is only an estimate; therefore, the actual number of credits generated by the proposed bank is likely to change.

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