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Proposed Oak Grove Mitigation Bank, Troup County, Georgia (45 acres)

The proposed Oak Grove Mitigation Bank consists of three streams that flow through active cattle pasture. These streams are characterized by severely eroded banks and incised, straightened channels. Channelization operations last occurred on the property in the early 1970s to increase the area of pasture for cattle grazing. The cattle hoof shear has degraded the stream channel, exacerbated bed erosion and prevented the development of morphologic bed features such as riffles and pools. Cattle waste and routine application of fertilizers used to promote growth of pasture grasses have most likely increased nutrient loading above background levels. Additionally, five ditches are located within the limits of this property. Approximately 4,600 linear feet of onsite streams and 5,300 feet of riparian buffer are proposed for restoration.

Based on preliminary calculations of mitigation credits, the proposed Oak Grove Mitigation Bank has the potential to generate a total of 68,500 stream credits, which will be sold to Section 404 permit applicants that are required to compensate for stream impacts occurring within the Middle Chattahoochee service area. Please note that the potential credit generation is only an estimate; therefore, the actual number of credits generated by the proposed bank is likely to change.

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